Is Hotel Food Photography Being Banned?

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    We've been hearing from a lot of peers lately that restaurants have been asking them to cease and desist taking photos of their meals.

    To be honest, we only thought it was only food and travel writers that indulged in such table behavior. But apparently there's something out there called Foodagrams and the almighty food porn (and of course Pinterest) that has everyone and their momma involved in the phenomenon of snapping pics of your plate. It's more common than not.

    We've had writers tell us management has come up to them and told them their photo-taking was not only distracting to the chef, but also other diners if a flash was used.

    Hmm. Using a flash for our food photos, has never produced great results, so that's suspect, but oookay.

    So, what say you? Ever been asked to stop taking photos when in a hotel restaurant? If so, what was your response? We've read folks saying the usual "kiss my behind, I paid for my plate I'll do what I want," to "People need to put the cameras down and start enjoying the dining experience."

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    I can see how using a flash would distract people, and should be disallowed in restaurants (particularly nicer restaurants).
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    I will sometimes take pictures of a particularly well presented plate and save for a trip 'memory'. This is a COMPLIMENT to the chef. But also we often see people taking pictures of one another in a restaurant (a birthday with candle in a cake etc) and in many cases the wait staff will say 'would you like me to take one of the table?' The chef is presumably in the kitchen and shouldn't see the flash. So use discretion and be considerate and know that you likely can't duplicate the presentation nor the taste of the special plate.
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    Just get the food to go and you can do whatever you want :)
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    I can see the pros and cons... in this day and age of instagram / facebook / twitter / whatever, the hotel/restaurant can certainly benefit from the free publicity, and they probably encourage it. But I think everything should be done in moderation... I don't mind if the people on the table next to me take a picture of their entree when it arrives, but having them flash away like crazy at every little thing can be distracting.

    Just this weekend I went through the same dilemma myself though... I went to Bourbon Steak in DC and was itching to take pictures of their presentation, but when you look around and you're the only person that seems to even be thinking about it, you start wondering if it's the right place/time to be a shutterbug.

    I did see a few people celebrating and having their picture taken, and the table next to us took a few flash-less pictures (as did I), but to go from that to snapping away indiscriminately with the flash on can be rude IMO.

    With that said, the two pictures that I did take got me a thumbs up from the restaurant and the hotel's Instagram account, so I guess they're ok with the practice.
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    Talk about being out of touch with real life, a food writer that does't know guests like to photograph their meals?

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