iPods and Air Conditioning AA 1180

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    A child on the aircraft dropped his iPad (pilot said iPad but it must be an iPod) down the side of the seat and it went into the air conditioning duct.... They now have delayed the flight because they are concerned it may drop down into the fans. Maintenance has not yet decided if they are going to try and retrieve it from inside the aircraft or from underneath through the baggage compartment. Pilot just announced maintenance is in the baggage compartment removing the ceiling panels to try and locate the device... Good thing I have (had) a 2.5 hour layover at DFW!
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    Better safe than uncomfortable and hot.
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    Ouch that is a nasty little problem...all one can do is really laugh. Back when I worked in the industry I worked at JetBlue for a few years. The story goes that a woman took her cabin pet cat into the Lav to let the cat stretch. Well the cat got away from her and got stuck behind a panel underneath the sink. Ended up that MX had to tear apart the whole Lav to get the cat out...cat was fine.
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