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    680 covers bonus mile and point offers for over 160 Airline and Hotel programs from all over the world! On the FFB sites you will find bonuses for flights, hotel stays, car rentals and virtually anything else you can earn bonus miles or points on.

    About FFB
    The first Frequent Flyer Bonuses site (.com) was launched in 2005 as a logical extension of the bonus offer section on our first site which was launched way back in 2001. Today we run four websites: is our global and primary site is our Canadian site covering the whole spectrum of travel rewards in Canada is just like our .com site except we filter out offers that are not available to U.K. residents is also like our .com site except we filter out offers that are not available to German, Swiss and Austrian residents

    The Bonuses
    We add new bonus offers to our sites virtually every business day of the week. To keep up with the offers you can visit the site daily or subscribe to our various social media feeds (Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin) or subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

    FFB Features
    Route Bonus Listing - an overview of routes where you can earn bonus flight miles
    Car Rental Bonus Listing - an overview of available car rental bonus mile/point offers
    Status Offers - a compilation of all the bonus status mile/point offers
    Discounted Travel Reward/Redemption Offers - a listing of all reward (or as some call redemption) offers that are discounted whether it is for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, you name it.
    Buy, Gift & Transfer Mile and Point Bonus Opportunities - a listing of bonuses for buying, transferring or gifting miles and points.

    What Next?
    We have some exciting ideas for FFB in the near future and are always open to suggestions, comments, questions and everything else so please share them below!
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    This sounds great! I'll sign up.

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