Interop: Red Hat CEO Says Software Industry Broken. LoyaltyMatch agrees.

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  1. The commercial software industry is failing enterprise customers through overpricing, lengthy development cycles, and products with bloated feature sets that most customers don't use, said Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst, who spoke Wednesday during a keynote presentation at the Interop IT Conference and Expo in New York City.

    "It's the vendors," said Whitehurst. "There's been no change in productivity in thirty years," he said, noting that commercial software products typically suffer from the same bug rates as they did three decades ago. "The business model is broken," said Whitehurst.

    The main problem, according to Whitehurst, is a commercial development model under which executives, programmers, and marketers get together in an effort to predict what their customers want-and then take five years to build it. As a result, "half of all IT projects fail," said Whitehurst.

    This is why LoyaltyMatch believes the SaaS model is the most beneficial for our customers. Our iterative software development is based on real-time customer participation. Producing a solution built by customers with the features and pricing they want.

    Source: InformationWeek

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    Jim Whitehurst was a smart man at Delta Air Lines and should have been named President and an even smarter man at Red Hat! Delta Air Lines lost a great executive! He knows a little bit about loyalty programs and how they should function.

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