Internationally Recognized Luggage Brand Makes U.S. Debut

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    Carlton Luggage, a travel gear and accessories brand recognized in more than 60 different countries, and now across five continents, is pleased to announce immediate product availability in various retail outlets across the United States. Combining the best of British design with the latest manufacturing technology, Carlton Luggage offers travelers a mix of both unique and traditional style elements that are guaranteed to be the lightest on the market (at time of production).

    With a line of goods ranging from soft-but-rugged options to sleek, 100% polycarbonate hard shells, Carlton Luggage’s product lineup meets the tastes of all travelers. Carlton products are set at an affordable price point and are built to last.

    The Collections

    Dune Collection: Inspired by rolling sand dunes found in nature, the Dune Collection offers a stylish and unique look for travelers who wish to make a statement with their luggage. The collection’s innovative ribbed design enhances strength while maintaining a lightweight feel. Available color options include Magenta and Canary in mirror finishes; Champagne and Graphite in matte finishes. (Caribbean Blue and Rosso not yet available in U.S.)
    MSRP: $149.99 (19.5”) | $189.99 (24”) | $229.99 (29”) | $569.99 (set)

    Adventura Collection: For the adventurous at heart, the lightweight Adventura Collection offers maximum space and strength. The 100% polycarbonate shell is resistant to cracking or breaking despite repeated use. Avid travelers can rest assured this luggage will last. Available in Violet, White and Black color options. (Anthracite and Red not yet available in U.S.)
    MSRP: $104.99 (19.5”) | $134.99 (24”) | $159.99 (29”) | $399.99 (set)

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