InterContinental profit rise led by U.S. growth

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    || InterContinental profit rise led by U.S. growth ||

    Interesting numbers make for some interesting reading.
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    Great! Now they can offer more Poinbreaks! ;)
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  3. Or raise room rates because they are in demand:eek:
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    forget more Pointbreaks - just give us some in locations we actually want to go!

    ok, give us more, too
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  5. i'm glad they're doing well, bigger profits lead to more latitude for potential generous benefits:) inc PB's, would be good to see IHG lead the charge with all the recent devaluations going on, given their extensive room numbers, geographic footprint across various brand categories, it's an opportunity to migrate customers from Hilton, SPG and Hyatt. Lifetime RA status would be a good thing too to bring into line with Hyatt and SPG:) Hope they're listening, i'm sure they are, come on IHG you can do it:)
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  6. I note that ICHG has "refined" the rooms available on corporate rates so that a 2 class RA upgrade will NOT get a suite. At least that's the way it appears from some bookings I just made for Asian hotels. They are only showing standard room availability.
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  7. i'd heard they were offering the club or upgrade across euro properties, not both, but limiting to no suite too? do you know if that is limited to corporate rates? with corp rates does the upgrade get processed at time of booking only, or do they do at the property as well?
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  8. That's true. I have experienced the "choice" recently in Europe. The Club is not available for under 60 pounds a night in London so the upgrade works better there.
    I've just checked my recent Asian reservations and to date no upgrades are showing. I think they do those about a week before arrival if my memory serves me. I will follow more closely on this round of stays and report back.
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