Intercontinental Park Lane, a Review

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    I arrived in the hotel about noon, and was checked in quickly. Service was friendly, and they confirmed at the front desk that all Royal Ambassador benefits would be honored. It was obvious that the hotel was busy. Fortunately the service was acceptable, though nothing that blew me out of the water.
    The Room
    I was upgraded to an executive room. All this means is a larger room, with a good view of Hyde Park. I was on a higher level, though the room was nothing spectacular. Of particular note is below the desk, the power outlets along the wall are of differing varieties for the power requirements of various countries. Thus, if you happen to be short on adaptors, you have at least one outlet that requires no conversion or adaptor. With the proper charger (I have a dual usb charger), you do not have to worry about not being able to charge your phone and your iPad after the long international flight.
    I ended up wanting to take a nap immediately after getting in. However, while I was napping, my ambassador amenity and gift was delivered. I did not notice it until I went over to the table by the door to see this:
    And for those of you wondering, those shortbread cookies are the Royal Ambassador gift. An extremely underwhelming amenity, especially when you compare it to what other hotels of a similar class offer.
    The bathroom is nice and spacious, with the standard high class soaps, this time from elemis.
    And that little box has the standard personal care items.
    The View
    I had a room on the Hyde Park side, so I had a wonderful view of the park, and its winter festivities.
    If you want to experience the high end, this hotel is wonderfully located, just one Tube station down from Harrods, and other high end shopping. As an additional bonus, it is located on the Piccadilly line, so no hassle transferring trains, or paying the inflated prices of the Heathrow Express, and then navigating to where you want to go in the Tube network. The Tube station is right accross the street from the hotel, however it is quite a maze to get to the hotel, as the you have to exit the station, and then go into another underground pathway to get on the right side of the hotel. Also, even though the hotel is on Park Lane, you have to go down one block on Piccadilly and enter on Hamilton Place.
    A decent hotel, but not worth the inflated UK prices. A great use of points though. The location and easy access give it a leg up on many other high end hotels, especially if you are trying to do London somewhat on a budget (remember, the exchange rate from the US is $1.5-$1.75 US Dollars per Pound).
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    Short review with pictures here.
    To summarise: used to stay here more often. Now overpriced and underwhelming.
    Pros: location, decor, minibar
    Cons: price, cold service, no free lounge access, can be noisy
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  3. In some ways I agree with you.
    However, I have stayed there about a dozen times in the last 2 years or so.have never had a noisy room and, have never requested a certain area of the hotel either. Generally I get upgraded from a king executive to a full suite which I also received when on points in Mid June because the posted rate was 475 quid a night for the cheapest room vs the 150 quid or so I normally have paid. That stay was for 5 nights.

    The hotel has become a regular for many Arabs and as such they have probably raised their rates to accomodate them as we were there at a peak "arab" season which is the month just before Ramadan starts.

    The olympic committee has booked all their rooms during the period just before, during and after the games so hopefully the rates will go back to normal after that. I do agree that lounge access is exorbitant, even more so than the main HKG IC.. And, they should offer free BF to all RA's since the lounge is essentially a no go.

    As for the service being cold, I have not experienced that. There is always a doorman around and they are typically very helpful as is the concierge desk.
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    Thanks all for sharing your thoughts/opinions! :)
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    we have had some truly great suites at this hotel. fantastic, but for the money? still love london, at christmas no matter what. everything is london is expensive, just go with it, or move on...
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    Just completed a stay here. Since the $ to ₤ ratio is so bad we used points for the stay -- which is well worth it at this property since they honor all RA benefits even on award stays :D . We were given a chocolate cake as an amenity (it was our anniversary) in addition to the fruit/water/biscuits and we bought up to club access for one night -- which we more than made up for in Moet consumed. I've found the staff here before kind of... not unfriendly, but not particularly warm or genuine. This time, for the most part, encountered really lovely staff.

    We had a lovely stay and really felt it was a value for the points/money paid.
  7. I am currently at the IC Parklane on a variety of rates. first night was on a regular rate;second two nights are on a BOGO and the 4 nights afte rthat are on cash and points. They gave me a full one bedroom suite and told me it was mine for the entire stay with full RA benefits. It is far from my first time here and they did recognize that upon checkin. So far so good.

    Just as an aside the one week internet rate here is 85 quid!!! One benefit of RA is not to have to pay that highway robbery fare.

    One other note. They offered me a serious discount for their breakfast if I apid at checkin. its still way too expensive....20 vs 29.50 quid if paid upon checkin. I can get a very good brekkie around the corner for 5 quid at Shepard's market.

    I've stayed at several Asian IC's this year but Park Lane is pure joy and the best of them all due to location and physical state of the hotel. They are doing some updating to the main entrance area and I'm told it will be quite spectacular when done.
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    We've stayed there last year on points. PL AMB. Got upgraded to some "better" room. They forgot to turn off the alarm clock from the previous guest and it woke us up at 6 or 8am. The hotel compensated for that with free internet and one buffet breakfast for two. The best about this hotel though is location. We stayed there when Bears and Buccaneers played in London, Bears stayed in this hotel.

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