Inside the Busy, Stressful World of Air Traffic Control

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    For 25 years, I was an air traffic controller in what became the world's busiest facility--Atlanta Center. Now I'm just another retired guy. Yes, it was a stressful job. (It's okay, that's the first thing everybody asks.) The next thing most people want to know is, "What's a Center?"
    The full name of the facility is the Atlanta Air Route Traffic Control Center. The "Air Route" portion is the important part. If you've ever stepped outside on one of those blue-sky days when airplanes leave those lingering contrails way up high, you've glimpsed my workspace. Think of an airplane en route from Miami to Chicago at 30,000 feet. Think about where it crosses the route of another airplane en route from New York to New Orleans at 30,000 feet. Controllers like me made sure they didn't cross that point in the sky at exactly the same moment.

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