Inside Alaska Airlines’ new Boeing Sky Interior

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    For 17 years, I have qualified to be a sardine.
    That is to say that — since some time in 1996 — I have so often tightly packed my 6’4″ self into winged metal containers filled with people that I have qualified for MVP Gold status on Alaska Airlines every year. “Sardine” is one of the many terms of endearment those of us who are not George Clooney use to describe, on group hug sites like FlyerTalk, what we have to go through to reach very frequent flier status.

    Which is why, when someone from Alaska Airlines called and said, “Do you want to spend your Friday flying from Paine Field in Everett to Seattle Tacoma International Airport,” I jumped at it. Because I am an obsessive sardine.
    The occasion? Alaska taking delivery of its very first 737-800 with Boeing’s cutting-edge Sky Interior.

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    Just flew in one of the new 737-800's from Newark to Seattle. Very sweet clean it was even faster... we arrived at Seatac almost an hour before our scheduled time! Actually, no headwinds, but still a clean ride and NICE plane! The lighting and new overhead luggage bins are awesome.
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    thanks for posting! Love the new bin! Makes the life easier on the busy FA!

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