Insanity USA: Airlines that should have been grounded long ago are the consumers best/only friend

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    In an uncorrupted world, the government would be using data to auction off flying rights to a competitive airline industry, requiring multiple carriers on all heavily trafficked routes, and reining in the abuses of cartelism: e.g., creating a hub in The Rocky Mountains. Instead, under the most transparently false pretense in modern history, that "mergers would benefit customers" the federal government actually orchestrated and aided the greatest rip off in American consumer history-creation of an air cartel. To ameliorate this manifestly unnecessary and corrupt dark epoch in the country's history, the US government offered the flying public a deal: we will allow you to fly the most sketchy, unreliable, shady, unsavory, unsafe, possibly life endangering carriers and they will feature some fares that don't make you bleed from the nose. So Americans have to cheer tonight that Allegiant will make it through the night (that one of the carteliers lobbyists and capital managers are not at its life support machine ready to pull the plug.). One reading by any independent, unbought consumer arbitrator of just a months worth of complaints about Spirit- just in terms of specificity and intensity and recurrence of identical complaints would result in that company being shuttered forthwith. Instead, under our totally bogus and bought system, this is what passes for "choice" in modern day America.
    The Free Enterprise framework has Collapsed in Aviation. However, as recent developments show A Golden Era of Private Equity Corruption Has Dawned and is not even at midday.
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