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    Working on a trip to use up some March SWUs on UA, I'm scouring the earth to find value-priced, upgradable fares on UA metal (probably W). Generally the farther away the destination, the better, as I am looking for miles ;-).

    The best I've found so far is EWR-DUB, pricing well for travel in late March.

    Can anyone point out some city pairs that have attractively-priced W fares?
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    You could use this tool by the Wandering Aramean: to search for cheap W fares. You'll have to sign up for a free account to use it. Keep in mind that the displayed prices are the base fares, so the final prices will be much higher once taxes and fuel surcharges are added. However, I find the tool useful to compare the upgradeable fares among them.

    WRT EWR-DUB, that's a CO route, isn't it? You wouldn't be able to upgrade it with a UA SWU, unless you fly something like EWR-IAD-LHR-DUB.

    Finally, you can always spend some time with ITAsoftware to scout of upgradable fares yourself. Are departing from NYC? Then, you'd use something like (random cities)

    NYC:: ua+ /f bc=w
    MAD;BCN;CDG;FRA :: ua+ /f bc=w

    and do a month-long search. You can also include multiple cities in the departure field.
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