Indigo & Cloth, Clothing+Cafe, Dublin, Ireland [REVIEW]

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    Saturday visit, May 2015

    We heard about Indigo & Cloth the first time while staying at The Dean Hotel in Dublin in March 2015.

    See our review here on MP about our experiences at The Dean Hotel, Dublin, Ireland:

    We had just visited the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios to see Peachy Dublin and another exhibition at the Gallery of Photography and wanted a hot drink to warm up.

    Indigo & Cloth is a men's store, selling clothing, accessories, cosmetic and chocolate. They also have a coffee shop.

    We decided to stop there for two hot chocolates.

    The coffee shop is small with a table seating four.

    It was self-service, but the person behind the counter was very friendly and agreed with his colleague that it was a good day for hot chocolate.

    There were also cakes and pastries to choose from.

    Coffee is provided by Clement & Pekoe.

    We took a seat at the communal table and waited until he had made the hot beverages.
    It was made with Aine Hot Chocolate Sticks. Having had similar ones at Clodagh’s Kitchen (See also our review here on MP from September 2014: I was a bit worried the hot chocolate would be too sweet. Thank Goodness the cocoa content seemed to be higher here, so we liked it.

    Cost for two hot chocolates was 6 Euro (ca. 6.70 USD).

    There was reading material provided including Root and Bone, Fantastic Man and Cereal, inspirational food, fashion and travel magazines.

    After our hot chocolates we had a quick browse and found chocolate tablets we liked. The company’s name is Bean & Goose and is based in County Wexford. The tablets are made on marble slabs and in small batches.

    There are only two versions available (milk or dark chocolate) with sea salt and cocoa nibs.

    The results are amazing.

    The texture is on the one hand very smooth and on the other rough due to the sea salt and cocoa nibs. I personally agree with the employee in the store, who recommended the dark chocolate. I think it works better together with the salt, but I would take all two again. He doesn’t have any preference.
    One bar costs 5.50 Euro or ca. 6.15 USD.

    We liked also clothing by Sandquvist, Sunspel and Saturdays NYC, plus Norge Projects.

    We shall be back for more in our future.

    Would we recommend this store/Cafe to a friend? YES!
    Would we stop by, enjoy a drink and buy some chocolates/clothing? YES!

    Thank you and safe travels. :)
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