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    Hi I'm a new member and recognise this is not a new question, however I have specific questions that I posted here

    And was referred to this form.

    I was able to double my normal amount of tier points by flying via Helsinki with Finnair instead of flying direct to Tokyo.
    The price was favourable even with the Finnair being Business class compared with a WTP flight.

    I am travelling to San Diego soon and was wondering if I would be able to repeat this using AA.
    I suspect I won't get such a good price.

    FYI I would normally go direct WTP

    Thanks for any responses and please refer me to the correct forum if this is still in the wrong place
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    You would be able to earn the extra TPs if you're prepared to take more flights; they're calculated on a flight-by-flight basis. But what you earn depends on the cabin in which you fly - for the same origin and destination, two flights in business are bound to earn more than one flight in WT+.

    As for fares, AA and BA operate a joint business across the Atlantic so normally you'd expect to pay the same fares whether you buy an AA fare or a BA fare. As always, there's no substitute for research on the route that you're actually going to fly.

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