Increased points from UK to Japan

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    First post on mile point. Just wanted to discuss my upcoming trip to Japan.
    My company normally flies us BA WTP which gets me less than 200 tier points.

    Due to late notice availability , I asked for alternative indirect routes and was presented with
    A business class option with Finnair netting me 400 points which ended up cheaper than
    The original BA flight.

    Firstly, is this common when flying through an extra airport ?

    I am flying to San Diego soon and am wondering if I could something similar there with AA?

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    Hi emeraldflyer, welcome to MP!

    Sorry you haven't gotten a response to your post yet, but I think it might be because this isn't really an ideal question for this forum. Have you thought about posting your question in the British Airways forum? Your question is better suited for those who are familiar with how BA's tier point system works. This forum is a general forum designed to track news about all oneworld airlines.

    The British Airways forum is located here, if you decide to pursue your question there: LINK.

    Best of luck!
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