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    Just curious as I have seen it a few times now. I was on flight from HNL to EWR today. On the flight map display, it was showing just under 6000 miles. When we landed, it was showing that we had flown over 14,000. I have seen this on different flights. The flight crew had no idea as to why (heck one of them was looking at me wondering why I am wasting their time on this). I know it is a bug, but wondering if others have seen and know why it would show 14K. The other flights from Europe also displayed 14K when we landed. Distance.jpg Map.jpg

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    Don't know if it's related, but I've seen the maps restart once the aircraft flew over the destination. It's as if the dumb things thought we'd reached the destination and then took off again. So we'll land with the display showing 50 miles. Maybe your map computer thought you reached your destination twice (i.e. flew round trip). I hope the actual flight computers (and crew) are smarter.
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    That is like the Temperature Humidity Index used by meteorologists. Flying HNL to EWR FEELS like 14,705 miles. ;)
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