Incorrect commerical regarding SWU versus miles UG on (details)

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Did you find the claimed restrictions by delta anywhere on

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  1. DLroads
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    Well, "O" opened on AF (thank you EF). Since we wanted to use miles (Ms. DLroads goes alone I join later), we called for do the miles...

    Well... while specifies that S,W,A are eligilble for one-way UG, when I call the agent first processed the UG, comes to deduct the miles, and after 20-25 minutes, she cancels the UG because she can (according to her statement) UG miles only on S and Y fare on AF filghts...!

    my response is: that's not what says... gets nowhere, says thank you, trying twitter... no luck :-(
    Calling again,
    Get a supervisor on the line, she refuses to identify herself... after pushing, she states that she is from... SEATLLE reservations. I inquire why I do not get the diamond desk, and the reply is: once you ask for a supervisor, you get a reservation supervisor. Not a DM desk. And, she claims that even though it is not specified on, only DM (not even PM) are allowed to use SWU on A,W fare to CDG (with fellow pax). The rest can use either SWU or miles only on S fare, or on Y fare (from Y to PE).
    When I tell her it is not specified anywhere on she says

    "well, then call I do not work for". rules for system wide upgrade are here and I do not see any restriction on using miles for upgrades. I did a wide search on that limiting results to and could not find anything.

    If you see this limitation specified anywhere on, please let me know

    I am just amazed that they wasted my time (again)

    (oh, and for FT readers, sorry for cross-posting)
  2. rwoman
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    From the mileage upgrade page (different than SWU):

    It does not specify anything for AF...go figure...:(
  3. MSPeconomist
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    I think part of the explanation might be that when you're using miles to upgrade on AF, it's a SkyTeam upgrade and that can be done only from full fares, AFAIK this is according to SkyTeam rather than DL rules.

    However, if it's KL (and I would assume AF) metal on a DL codeshare, the TATL upgrade using DL metal and a DL flight number seems to also cover the intra-EU upgrade on M+ fares IIRC. This certainly was true for PMNW flights connecting to KLM at AMS.

    I've never heard of DM having privileges in excess of PM in this regard, although I do know that the rules for miles versus SWU upgrades are somewhat different. In particular, for SWUs, the DM/PM must be on the same flight and in the same cabin. I think the rules for same-day upgrades can differ too and I would like to know the priority rules here.

    Is there any chance of having the ticket reissued with a DL flight number if that would help the upgrade?

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