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    For at least several days, I've been noticing that when I return to a thread that I've previously visited by clicking the big blue dot (or the thread title) in the list of threads in a forum, MP doesn't always toke me to the first new (unread) post. Instead, I'm taken to the top of the first page containing new posts.

    This doesn't seem to be concentrated in a single forum or area of MP, nor is it restricted to large threads. In fact, it doesn't even seem to be dynamically consistent in that it can fail to work properly in a thread but then behave correctly when I return, even when still on the same page.

    In the thread, the little blue boxes on the left indicating new posts seem to be correct and the bold thread titles and usernames on the page listing threads in a forum indicating that a new post has happened also seem to be correct.

    It's a minor annoyance that wouldn't seem quite so bad if it were possible to scroll down to the bottom easily the way we can scroll to the top of the page by using the fat blue arrow in the lower left corner of the screen.

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