In the days before FF points there were hijackings

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    Yet what seems most archaic about that bygone age is not the pampering that passengers received while aloft, but how easily they moved while on the ground. It was once possible to pass through an entire airport, from curbside to gate, without encountering a single inconvenience — no X-ray machines, no metal detectors, no uniformed security personnel with grabby hands and bitter dispositions. Anyone could stroll onto a tarmac and queue for boarding without holding a ticket or presenting identification. Some flights even permitted passengers to pay their fares after takeoff, as if jets were merely commuter trains with wings.
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    True, my old GF used to come right up to the gate to pick me up when I was returning from late-night flights. Internationally, some of the carriers, the checkin,gate-check, and flight crew were the same, and you could snare an inexpensive fare JFK-XXX by walking up with cold-hard-cash :)
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    Funny to read this. It reminded me of my first flight around 1973 from New York to Boston. Got on board and the 'stewardess ' collected money for the ticket. I guess we could just sit anywhere on the plane.
    And about 21 years ago I carried my then 2 year old nephew onto the plane (he was not a passenger) to meet the pilot!
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    Despite the title of this thread, I don't think there is a causal connection. :D
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    Perhaps it's time to reflect if we gained anything in exchange for our right to move freely and pursue happiness.
    And for our service providers, if it's more profitable to pamper or pinch their customers.
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  6. Yes and in those days you could get an invite to fly with the pilot. Smoking was also allowed back then:(. I remember flying F/J on KLM and after dinner they passed out cigars to those on the smoking side of the plane.
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