In progress Trip Report: SEA-ICN-HKG-BKK-FRA-SEA on OZ/TG/LH C

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    I ended up with some extra SPG points, US Dividend Miles plus their easy-peasy RTW routing rules, a hotel room in Wan Chai for $100 USD a night in December, a cheap night in Soi 11 on Western New Year's Eve and an enforced week off of work.

    The rest, as they say, was history.

    Except it's not, because it starts tomorrow.

    I will be doing this STRICTLY en route- writing up during flights. Well, it's not like I have much better to do, is it?

    Oh, and some of this was trod before by me, but, well, I don't really care. Plus Seoul will be new. I am going to try and do this in the style of Bourdain's The Layover. We'll see how good I am at it. Nowhere near as good as he is, I imagine, but I'll try.
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    What day are you flying FRA-SEA?

    Edit: realized that sounded creepy. I'm flying FRA-SEA next week, so simply wondering if you'll be on my flight.
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    Enjoy aloft BKK Soi 11 - will create a reviews thread tonight.
    Also wrote up on flight on my playbook but photos tougher. will post later tonight

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