In-flight cell calls? No way, say lawmakers

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    The Hill Dec 09 2013:

    Political momentum to keep a ban on cellphone calls during flights gained momentum Monday as lawmakers said it would be crazy to allow them.

    Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) became the second lawmaker after Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) to offer legislation to keep the ban in place.

    “Let’s face it, airplane cabins are by nature noisy, crowded, and confined,” said Shuster, the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. “For those few hours in the air with 150 other people, it’s just common sense that we all keep our personal lives to ourselves and stay off the phone.”

    The bills follow a flood of complaints to the Federal Communications Commission, which announced last month that it would look into ending the ban.

    For years, the use of many electronic devices on flights has been banned for fear they could interfere with navigation systems. But the FAA earlier this year loosened rules and said passengers would be allowed to send texts and emails from their phones during flights.

    Now the FCC is looking into whether the ban on the use of cellphones is needed for safety reasons.

    Lawmakers in favor of keeping the ban say they’re not worried about the safety of passengers. They’re worried about their sanity.

    “For passengers, being able to use their phones and tablets to get online or send text messages is a useful in-flight option,” Shuster said. “But if passengers are going to be forced to listen to the gossip in the aisle seat, it’s going to make for a very long flight.”

    Shuster and Alexander, who both face primary challenges in 2014, say they are responding to popular opinion.

    “Imagine two million passengers, hurtling through space, trapped in 17-inch-wide seats, yapping their innermost thoughts,” Alexander said last week in a statement. “The Transportation Security Administration would have to hire three times as many air marshals to deal with the fistfights.”

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    While I am sympathetic to the cause of not having everyone on a plane gabbing on their mobiles, these two lawmakers are simply trying to regulate civility. And they're doing it as an election ploy, by the sound of it. This is an abuse of the legislative process. Legislation is supposed to provide for the common good in one way or another, not simply support a re-election bid.

    They'd have much more sympathy if they tried to ban DYKWIA behaviour, in my view.

    Incidentally, on Air China last week I was informed that mobile phones cannot be used even in flight mode. Thus I was unable to read my eBook on the flight.
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    Please, God, let this bill pass.
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    I hear you, but also see common good in keeping people off their phones when other passengers are stuck with no way to get away from being subjected to unwanted conversations.
    Sorry to hear about not being able to use your e-reader. That is fundamentally different as it doesn't disturb others.
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    For the common good...that is funny. You can't get a member of the red team to agree with a blue team member on the time of day. Nothing they do is for the common is ALL for special interests and their own political base.

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