In Belgium, mobile hotel offers guests a surprise location

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    The Olympic Games last summer saw one London taxi driver turn his black cab into a makeshift mobile hotel for tourists who needed flexible sleeping quarters. Now Belgium-based Sleeping Around has turned shipping containers into a temporary hotel that pops up at a different location for each guest.

    The metal containers have been transformed into a fashionably-designed hotel space using sustainably-resourced materials, with a bathroom and space for dining. Rather than remaining at one particular location, the boxes are transported around Antwerp and guests booking a night in the hotel are treated to a surprise. After confirming their stay, they are alerted to the location of the hotel via GPS directions. Sleeping Around has currently placed the hotel on the Scheldt riverfront but aims to select a new location soon. Stays cost around EUR 149 per night.

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    While interesting for some, I must confess, I prefer the "real deal". ;)
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