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    I'm looking to fly LON-LAX rtn for a conference 13-17th July 2016. As a Mileage Plus Gold, what ticket do I book to up my chances of an upgrade from Economy Plus/Economy to business? I'd ideally take the direct flight from London, but am not opposed to changing. Grateful for any advice.
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    That route is not eligible for complimentary elite upgrades. You will need to use cash+points or a Global Premier Upgrade (GPU) cert to have a chance at being upgraded on that route. GPUs are only issued to 1K or GS members so you're out of luck on that front unless you have a friend who has some.

    Trying for a GPU-supported upgrade requires a minimum of a W fare class on the route; cash+points can be from any fare, though the cash part varies based on the fare paid.
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    To augment what Wandering Aramean helpfully wrote above:

    You can spend miles from your MileagePlus account to upgrade. It will require a co-pay. For LAX<->London, here is the chart that describes the miles + co pay for each segment:

    Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.16.35 AM.png

    Now, if you decide to do this, understand that upgrades are issued via a priority queue. The queue is first sorted by your status. You're gold, so you'll be behind GS, 1K, and Platinum members who are waiting for an upgrade. Then, it's based on fare class. The higher your fare class (the more money you paid for your ticket), the higher your status on the waitlist.
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    There is no chance of UG. Accept the Borg.

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