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    Just wanted to shed something positive about Delta SM retro-credit effectiveness. Since moving over the the program after both FB and OK+ program dropped the various stinkbombs on their members, I have been rather impress with the retro-credit effectiveness of the team.
    In my last 4-5 request from last year and just recently, they have managed to add the miles within 1-3 days and never more than 1 week.
    If I compare this to the other major airlines, I am very impressed. Just wish that other airlines had such an effective team.

    In general, I am until today, quite happy with the response and time that the Customer Service team reacts even to a lowly Gold SM member.

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    That's good news.

    Not sure what stinkbombs you refer to for FB & OK+ but DL and other US carriers have started doing the same. 2012 is seeing some unpleasant changes in the UA/CO program but DL hasn't even announced anything yet for their program. No one is expecting any major changes but that is still subject to revision. Big changes are coming in the next year or two, however. You can count on US-based airlines dropping 100% EQM on the lower fare classes (like their European counterparts have already) and likely reducing or eliminating upgrades on those fare classes as well. Speculation, of course, but it's going to happen if you ask me.


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