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    Did anyone else notice that GoGo recently changed its terms and conditions? If you have a monthly subscription and wish to end that subscription to avoid a charge for a subsequent month, you MUST do so AT LEAST SEVEN (7) DAYS before the monthly renewal date of your subscription.

    This is a pretty big change (and sneaky too, IMHO, since GoGo doesn't explicitly highlight what is being changed at the top of its Terms), especially since GoGo no longer offers its defunct 30-day pass, and funnels frequent travelers to either its recurring monthly charge Traveler Pass ($35 for 30 days on a single airline, except US where the fee is $25), or its recurring monthly charge Unlimited Pass ($40 for 30 days on any airline).

    The only reason I noticed this was because when I went to log in to my GoGo account this evening (to cancel my recurring subscription), a pop-up indicated that "The Terms have changed since [my] last sign-in," and the only way I could access my account was to check a box indicating that I accepted the terms of use:
    Recurring Charges. If you choose a monthly subscription, you agree that your credit card will automatically be charged by Gogo (through its payment card processing service provider) each month in your subscription. If you wish to terminate your subscription and avoid a charge for a subsequent month, you must do so at least seven (7) days before the monthly renewal date of your subscription. (The monthly renewal date is the same day of the month that you first subscribed). Gogo will not send you a monthly statement. You may cancel your monthly subscription by contacting Gogo Customer Care (via phone: 1.877.350.0038 or email: If you revoke authorization to charge your card, or if for any reason your card issuer does not pay Gogo, Gogo may suspend the Service or terminate this Agreement.
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    Good to know. I planned to get my monthly for a couple of more months until I get to the 100K EQM for 2012.
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    I'd love for there to be a reason for this other than thinking they can squeeze an extra month's charges out of people who no longer want to be monthly customers.
  4. Yes! This happened to me. They charged my corporate card 3 months without me knowing. I was flying a few different carriers and paid separate so this upsets me. I didn't catch it in time so I have to pay this month even though I won't be flying......:(

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