I'm just not that into you, MAN.

Discussion in 'Airports' started by LarryInNYC, Jul 11, 2013.

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    This sprint I was briefly in Manchester airport on the return leg of a trip that took in the Caribbean and England. While there I signed on to their free airport wifi. The result has been an unending stream of promotional emails with headlines like
    Your next trip of a lifetime starts at Manchester, Your Global Airport

    or offering me a 10% discount on parking.

    Do other airports do this? I've used free wifi in a number of places without having to undergo an advertising campaign like this. And does MAN management really feel that these emails are likely to change my relationship with their airport in any way?

    If you find yourself in MAN and want to use the free wifi, I suggest the use of a disposable address.
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    Are you unable to unsubscribe from the email list?

    I thought the UK/EU had fairly strong electronic rights, for example the Radisson site always makes you accept that they track you via cookies.

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