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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by demyd, Apr 25, 2015.

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    I have a simple question for the veterans. I currently have Ambassador status with IHG and therefore Gold Elite as well. I know most people would say that the status aren't worth much. I am considering buying the IHG Dining Rewards for $395 and I know it comes with a status upgrade so I would bump up to Platinum Ambassador.

    From your experience how big of a difference in treatment Between Gold Ambassador and Platinum Ambassador? Is it worth paying the upgrade? I know it would also get a free night and a new package with a BOGO certificate but is it worth it?

    I will be staying at the IC New York and IC Chicago before the new status tiers take effect in July. Should I hold out and try to get platinum through some other means and then buy the dining rewards to upgrade to the new *Black* tier?

    Any insight would be great appreciated.

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    I do not think there is much benefit at the two IC's in NYC and ORD. The Hotels where you would get a food and beverage discount are very few and mainly in Asia. Of course you can use the certificate at any IHG Hotel. I am considering the same thing and had ask under IHG thread.
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    gold to platinum status has rather marginal worth IMO :eek:
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    Well, if you make good use of the packaged free night and the BOGO certificate from getting the Dining Rewards, then your Platinum upgrade from Gold could become "free". Do remember that IHG is launching a new tier soon so Platinum will be mid-tier instead of top tier.

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