If UA wants to destress travel it can destroy its abominable anti-consumer website & start all over

Discussion in 'Newsstand' started by ahappyelite, Oct 9, 2018.

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    Is UA running one of the worst anti consumer websites in the country?
    That silly connecting you to the world page Emphasis on CON
    Deliberately slowed down
    Agonizingly long waits to see one itinerary
    Extremely difficult to compare different dates
    Hard as hell to find lowest fare pares
    All the hustling levels selling the same seat econ basic connomy etc
    Defaults to EWR when searching NYC
    Hard to find aircraft type
    Cant see seats
    Fast forwarding you to purchase-to see anything you have to sign in
    Better websites existed 15 years ago
    Fraud Fraud Fraud
    Thats what it smacks of.
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    Never attribute to fraud what can adequately be explained as stupidity.

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