If AA had the labor costs of its competitors

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    Mainline Only. Savings* Change

    ($millions). (%)

    AA. - 0%
    UA/CO. 441. -7%
    DL. 903. -14%
    AS. 1,890. -29%
    US. 2,190. -34%
    SW. 2,346. -36%
    Jet Blue. 3,345. -51%
    Spirit. 4,093. -63%
    Frontier. 4,094. -63%
    Airtran 4,208. -65%
    Allegiant. 4,247. -65%
    Virgin America 4,590. -71%

    *Based on 2010 block hours and total labor cost.

    Link to full story: Is Bankruptcy the best solution for AMR

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    Fascinating story. Does make me wonder why some airlines like WN have no problem negotiating with labor unions, yet they seem to be bringing AMR to its knees.
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    If you look strictly at pilots, AA has a fleet that includes a lot more than 737s, and that fleet does fly all over the world. They also have issues involving when and where Eagle can fly, and what types of aircraft, versus AA mainline.

    Does Southwest even have any flights that are red eyes? Any flights longer than 5 hours?

    It's just a very different type of flying than what you see at Southwest, so I can see a contract being more difficult to negotiate as there would be many more issues to deal with.

    Wasn't one of the China routes (thinking DFW-China) not flown because AA could not come to agreement with the pilots a few years ago? Things like new long haul routes have to be negotiated. At Southwest they don't deal with this issue.
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