iDine & AA eShopping Double Dining Miles

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    I recently discovered one of the iDine restaurants in my area is also a retail member of AA eShopping Mall. The AA Mall allows you to register debit and credit cards to your account just like iDine and earn miles when your card is used at those retailers. I ate at this restaurant and paid with a card that is registered in both Delta iDine and AA eShopping. The miles from Delta iDine have already posted to my Skymiles account and the AA miles are currently pending in my shopping mall account. Hopefully they will post also and I will have successfully earned double the miles for my dine!

    The United Shopping Mall also allows you to register cards to use at retail stores. It looks like the same company (Vesdia Corporation) runs both the AA & United Malls so I doubt you can have the same card registered in both programs. I also doubt Vesdia and Rewards Network cross reference the cards in their programs so the only way this would not work is if the restaurant figured out they were paying miles to both programs for the same dine.

    Anyway, if you haven't already you should register your cards with AA or United Malls to earn miles through retailers. Then check to see if any iDine restaurants in your area are retail members of the malls and try to double your dining miles.

    Even if the double miles never post you may find new non iDine restaurants in your area that are retail members of AA eShopping or United Shopping that you can earn miles at.

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