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    I am currently a Gold level Marriott member and a Gold tier level Identity point member and recently stayed at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

    I was booking a return trip for this coming September and hoping to use my two free nights. You cannot book online on the Cosmopolitan site if you intend to use your nights, so i called them by phone, only to discover my Gold level reverts to the new Sterling level recently created on the 8th and we were going to arrive on the 14th (September)... A reservations supervisor kindly allowed me to use the two nights once I explained that NOWHERE on the site can you log in and check your status?

    I wasn't informed that my Gold (Tier) level was obtained on the 8th of Sept 2013 and of course expires on the same date this year but unknown to me, as I had not accumalated enough tier points to maintain that level..

    My main gripe is the fact that although they tell me I have 34000 plus points (checked by logging in) these points are NOT TIER points. You need 20000 or more tier points to reach Gold Identity level.

    There needs to be a way of logging in and checking your level and the dates of your present level..

    The Cosmopolitan Resort Services has kindly given us the benefits I would have received had my level not expired before our arrival and they agree things are not visible on the site..

    This is an issue that some others may have or will run into and needs to be sorted out.


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