I want to take a newbie on her first big flying vacation

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    Where would you all fly if you could show a new traveler?
    It would be great to get on a dreamliner and also get between 5000 and 15,000 PMs.
    I am a 1K and would hope to use swus also.
    When do you all book your international travel?
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    Costa Rica, Iceland, Switzerland, Spain and Italy all top some of my favorites. I have not done any travel in the east....yet.
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    Sounds fun!

    Some great destinations in all parts of the world- international from where and which time of year will you be visiting?

    Just one word of warning- not all newbies immediately gain "the vibe" for longhaul air travel in any class of service.

    I would focus more on the destination (one she really wants to visit) and then the trip can be just a "nice bonus". Ms. TRAVELSIG has flown with me on every class of service from F to Y- and on every type of carrier from Ryanair to SQ F. While she does appreciate the free PJs- other than that and the odd comment about the lounge (she really likes the FRA FCT and the ZRH FCL) she is literally just as happy in Y as she is in C as she is in F.

    We all have our own preferences :)

    As to when I book my international Leisure travel- it is either:
    A) As soon as I know when the trip is and I know it will not be changed
    B) When I see a very good fare in C or F (i.e. right now there are some very good longhaul offers in LH F for one day only).
    C) When I am tired of waiting and just want to confirm my seats
    D) When my TA phones me and says I should ticket now as the price won't get any better (and she is 99% right)

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