I value your input: Would you like to share how you do your vacation planning?

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    Making your travel plans should already be half the fun of the vacation itself. Therefor I'm working on a new website to help you do so in a fun and easy way.

    There's a growing population of people who plan their vacations online. If you're reading this maybe you're part of this group.
    If so I would really appreciate if you took 15-20 minutes of your time to complete my short & easy 15 question questionnaire. It covers topics like how you prepare your travel plans, which sites you use,
    what you find most difficult about planning your vacation today and what you think that can be improved about that.

    You can find the questionnaire here : http://www.enquetemaken.be/toonenquete.php?id=285351 (The questionnaire is in English)

    Your privacy is important to me. I will be the only one to see the responses and the answers are completely anonymous. You may leave your email optionally if you want to stay informed in the future.
    I really appreciate your input. Your answers will help me to make a better vacation planning tool. Thanks!
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