I still don't see it in the fine print ?????

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    I had Gold status with Marriott for years and closed my account all together in 2006 when I noticed that a 2 month stay at the Renaissance Esmerelda in Indian Wells, CA did not post to my account. It was very noticeable when it did not appear. When going over my account with the Marriott representative I began to notice that about half of my stays were regularly not posted. Even though they didn't post them and I still had all of the folios from the stays, some were beyond the time frame in which they were willing to work.
    In November, something came up where I had to stay at a Marriott property again and looked around and saw a promo that in essence states if you sign up for a Rewards account, you will automatically be entered registered for this promotion. If you have two stays in the first 120 days you get a free night.
    I called Marriott, they confirmed it and said I could either do it over the phone or online. I went online and got a Rewards account and that night was at a Marriott property. A week later I went to Malmo, Sweden and stayed at the Renaissance there. (although I had two rooms there, the one didn't count).
    I checked out of the Renaissance on November 24th, 2013 and after numerous calls the credit for the stay, which as usual had not posted, finally was credited on January 15, 2014. I called and asked about the bonus night. 'Oh, you have to sign up at the property and they need to register you.' Just to be sure I called again and this time it was, 'you have to do it over the phone and we then register you.'
    I must say, if nothing else, Marriott is consistently inconsistent with regard to everything but the difficulty in posting points for stays.
    Today I start my challenge with Hilton. They make set very reasonable goals and it certainly got my attention. Spending the weekend down on the Strip to get a jump on things. Have a great weekend fellow travelers....and don't forget to read the small print......even if there isn't any. :)

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