I Need Your Help to Redesign This Site

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    It’s time for a refresh. I started this blog in 2002, over at blogspot before blogspot was part of Google.

    • [​IMG]

    Randy Petersen offered to host the blog and in early 2003 it was moved to webflyer.com/blog.

    • [​IMG]

    There have been a few tweaks since then but for the most part the look and feel of the blog has remained the same for the past six years or so.

    I don’t think much about aesthetics, I’ve always been far more interested in information, but I also realize that the way a website looks and feels influences how easy it is to access that information. For instance, with an increasing number of people reading via mobile the page needs to be far more mobile-friendly.

    Nonetheless, my computer knowledge is frozen in time from decades ago. Once upon a time I was pretty savvy about such things. For instance – and since the statute of limitations has long passed – I can say that in the 1980s in my early teens I used to set up a war dialer at night before going to bed, testing out long distance codes (my computer would dial other computers, using different randomly-generated long distance codes, and if it could connect then it determined that the code worked). I’d wake up in the morning to a fresh list of working codes.

    I kept up my skills, and in the mid-90s could write perl scripts for the web. But I learned almost nothing since then, moved in other directions professionally, and now know pretty much nothing. Old habits die hard, I still hard code all of my blog posts instead of using a visual editor. But combine a lack of modern programming with limited aesthetic sensibilities and the truth is… I need your help!

    What do you want to see in a View from the Wing redesign?

    I think the best-designed website in the world is Google. I want a clean, easy to read design. Are there any blogs you read that approximate that, to give me an idea of what that could look like?

    What features do you want to see?

    • Thank goodness the ‘search box’ is back and I think that’s the easiest way to find information (more so than using category tags, which I’ve never been good at doing).

    Should anything be changed with comments?

    • I’ll say that I don’t like ‘threaded’ comments, they’re great to read once since it’s clear who is replying to what but they make it very difficult to return to a page and see what comments have been added since an earlier visit.

    The blog will remain on WordPress. I don’t even know what’s possible in that format. Whether you’re an expert in design or not, you’re a reader, and I’d love your perspective on what I should keep, what I should change, anything you like or anything I should watch out for/avoid.

    Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions!

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    The post I Need Your Help to Redesign This Site appeared first on BoardingArea.

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