I need help please - shipping human remains MIA- sfo and funeral home in miami?

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    does anyone have a rec for a reliable funeral home in the Miami area to pick up a body and prepare it for shipping to California? Low cost and reliable are preferred. Calls to the airlines have told me that shipments are only accepted from a funeral home (not hospital - for reasons that make sense).

    In the course of trying to investigate the costs I had some nice to not so nice experiences to share:

    AA - has a special cargo desk "dedicated" to dealing with sensitive issues not just he main "cargo"

    SW- normal cargo desk

    UA- (2mm 1k) - gave me an incorrect number to call - which directed me to a correct number, where I was connected to a regular cargo agent who was minimally helpful.

    AA sure wins on compassion (not to mention that the AA agent who I spoke to first was the only one to offer condolences)
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    Get ready to pay with a certified check, the Funeral Homes don't take counter check from everyone.

    Happened to my mother once, she had to have a friend vouch for her check..maybe a square and compass would have helped.

    Body made it back, without the lie flat seat.

    Never a good ride.
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