I love my daughter (acorn and tree). Using points

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    Son of a gun. The kid has been paying attention.

    We're doing some work in my house, and the contractor tells me we have to move out for a few days. When I mentioned this to my daughter, she says, 'Dad, you can just use your points.' :cool:

    I didn't want to tell her that was my plan. All I said was great idea. ;) I didn't want to tell her that I was already researching the various options.

    Let's see:

    - paying for a room
    - using my hotel points
    - using my Ultimate Rewards or Amex points to make a transfer
    - using Barclay, Citibank, or Capital One credits
    - Hotwire/Priceline
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    another option:
    -you could stack some really good promo's and use a cash back or mileage mall site to save money, and gain a bunch more points.

    But then again I'm a hoarder.
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