I keep getting referred back to the research dept.

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    William or anyone,

    I'm looking for advice, I'm going to WDW Reunion (Effectively it's the Disney World Mega-DO) and I have 3 Amex Canada Free Weekend Nights Awards, or rather I'm supposed to.

    It's been 5 weeks since I initially tried to book 4 nights at the WDW Swan (Dec 8-12) 1 on points and 3 using the free weekend night credits. I've earned 1 on my business SPG Amex, and 2 (different membership years) on my personal card).

    The first week SPG didn't have any record of the awards, I'm told to wait a week and Amex will research the issue. Amex confirms that I've earned the awards and sends a memo to SPG to put the awards in my account.

    SPG manages to find 2 of the credits (they have a training issue because so few of these credits are awards since the US SPG Amex doesn't award them). They book 2 of the credits and send me back to Amex to find the 3rd. Amex goes through the same process using my other Amex card number this time, and sends another memo to SPG.

    on day 16 Amex confirms the memo has been sent 3 days prior and SPG should have them. They don't, it's referred to the research department and I should check back in 7-10 days. This time they put in a pending reservation so I don't lose the room. It lasts 7 days so I should call back then.

    on day 23 research has come back with the credits are in the account and being used for 2 nights of the stay. I'm told to call Amex. I call Amex and the Amex rep calls SPG with me on the line. Daisy from Amex explains that they've confirmed I've earned 3 award credits from the 2 accounts. The SPG agent John rebutts that I've only earned 2 credits because it's against the T&Cs to have more than 1 credit card per SPG account and goes so far to suggest I open a second SPG account because "it's against the T&Cs but it's not that strictly enforced nor is it that bad". That call is a dead-end.

    On day 29, I call SPG back and retell the story. More info is added to the file and it's sent back to the research dept. The hold on the last room night is extended and I should call back in a week.

    On day 30 I get an e-mail that 10K points have been redeemed for a free night award. I'm happy to have the night solidly reserved so I don't call it in.

    Today is day 36. I called and the agent still couldn't find the 3rd credit. The system apparently automatically used the points to hold the room since the free weekend night credit wasn't available at the expiry of the last pending reservation period. No big deal. The agent has referred it to the program dept. which I'm told manages the relationship between SPG and Amex.

    Everyone, with the sole exception of John on that one call, has been apologetic, and I'm grateful that everyone honestly wants to help me and get this cleared up but the IT system is in place to enforce the rules and doesn't see the credit so there's nothing anyone can do short of comping me the room and forgoing the revenue from Amex. I don't want that. Amex believes they've promised to pay SPG for the night, everyone should get paid according to the agreements.

    Everytime I'm on one of these calls each week, it's never less than 45 minutes and it averages 90 minutes. I get anxious so I just want to end dealing with this on the phone. Also, this is my last personal trip before the 1st credit should expire next March so if it doesn't get handled in the next 5 weeks I'm SOL.

    Sorry if it came out as a rant, that's not my intention. It's not that I there's a problem using the credit that's worthy of requesting help here, it's how ridiculously long it's taking to get Amex and SPG to get together and resolve this.

    So... Anyone?

    P.S. It's worth mentioning that right now even after everything above, I'm still not thinking of moving my hotel loyalty anywhere else. Just maybe one of my credit cards. That's how highly I regard Starwood as an organization.

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    My apologies for any inconvenience, but it sounds like you might need to send me your SPG account number.

    Best regards,

    William R. Sanders
    Social Media Specialist
    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

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