I Found Even More Money: $200 From TopClassActions.com

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    One of my top posts so far was on the topic of how I used Missing Money to re-claim over $100 in unclaimed money. From that, I'm going to draw the conclusion that people generally like $$$, especially when it's money just sitting out there waiting to be claimed. As an encore to that initial post, here's another way to shake out the virtual couch cushions and find even more money that you may be eligible for.It's no secret that the US is known as the land of litigation, with the three words "I'll sue you" uttered more frequently than in any other country in the world. We hear about lawsuits all the time in the news, some that sound legit, and other that seem down-right frivolous.While I personally can't really see myself ever filing a lawsuit, I'm happy to let others do the dirty work and to reap the rewards. That's where Top Class Actions comes into play.The link takes you to a list of open class-action lawsuit settlements where you can file a claim for any and all that you are eligible for. In most cases, you can even do this with without proof of purchase, which is great since it isn't realistic to expect someone to save receipts for all purchases made in recent years. At the top, you will see four of the featured settlements: Below there is a complete list which is currently spread across three pages. Each settlement has a description of what it's for, the typical settlement amount, the deadline, and a button to submit a claim. The value of the settlements varies widely, currently with some listed as "varies", and others with dollar amounts that range from as low as $1.99 to $200,000. For example, here's one that I was eligible for based on my purchase of Vibram FiveFinger shoes (dont' judge me!): Clicking through the "Read More" link takes you to a detailed page which outlines a description of why the lawsuit was filed (in this case, false advertising of certain benefits associated with the shoes), who is eligible, the potential award, if any proof of purchase is needed, and details on how to file a claim including the filing deadline. In this case, you can file a claim without proof of purchase for up to two pairs of shoes, which worked out perfectly since I had bought two pairs and my wife had bought one, so we were each able to file claims without any receipts:In addition to the Vibram settlement, we were also able to collect on smaller settlements that have now closed, such as $10 from prior purchases of Pop Chips. Similar to MissingMoney, Top Class Actions serves as an aggregator or portal for all of the open class action lawsuits, so in order to file a claim, you will need to click through which will take you directly to the official website for that particular settlement: Since most of the settlements do not require proof of purchase, of course it may be tempting to file claims even if they aren't applicable to you, but I think it goes without saying that this can get you in hot water. So don't do it. The website is constantly updated with new open settlements, so make sure to check back regularly.Anyone able to find additional money from a previous purchase?

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