I Booked UA Using US Miles For Less Than The US Flight

Discussion in 'US Airways | Dividend Miles' started by Gulfstream 550, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I feel like a novice for making such a rookie oversight. But, I needed to get my kids up to Wisconsin for a week at the lake this summer. Using my US miles on US would have cost me 40K per child on US metal. So, I called US and they found seats on UA from Phoenix to Wisconsin with a connection through Cleveland. The best part, it was only 25K per person.

    The lesson I learned was - just because www.usairways.com shows reward seats for more than 25K roundtrip - it really is ok to ask US to find UA flights. It was great and because we cannot book UA reward seats on-line using US miles the call to US is free and they are great at working with you in getting a routing. (I am gold with US so the call is free anyway).

    TIP: If you are a dedicated US flyer, like I am, and the US web site says you need more miles you should call and ask them to find a United routing, it could save you miles in the long run!
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    Yup great tip.. but you need saver availability to get the 25k roundtrip rate. I would take a look at the UA site.. if you can see the 25k rate there (without signing in as a UA 1K) - you should be able to book it using US miles.

    Using US miles, you don't get the shorthaul discount on UA (10k vs. 12.5k one way discount), but you do save on UA 3 class first (50k round trip vs. 70k round trip using UA miles)

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