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    Fishing4Deals is a new blog for people looking to travel cheap, save money, and have fun. The focus is on domestic, budget travel. I post about Priceline bidding strategies and sweet spots, travel freebies, and stuff you don't read about on the other blogs. I like to write about quirky, offbeat attractions. I started Fishing4Deals because I found that many other miles and points bloggers were writing about how to get to the Maldives in first class -- but no one was addressing how to get to Cleveland to visit your family.

    I am looking for feedback form the MilePoint community. Do you see some value added here? The blog has been running for 4 months now, and the posts that generate the greatest interest are about credit card deals. Am I swimming upstream on these other topics? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    Moderators: I hope I posted this in the right place?? If not -- please let me know.

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