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Discussion in 'Hyatt | World of Hyatt' started by LoyaltyLobby, Mar 13, 2011.

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    It was going to happen at some point as I have spent 300+ nights/year at hotels since 04. Got my very first walk last night when I was checking in at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta at 3AM. Been Hyatt Diamond for many years. Logged 120+ paid stays with the Hyatt chain last year alone and have already requalified for the Diamond this year.

    I was moved to Ritz-Carlton as the Grand Hyatt has special arrangement with them for walks. I requested St Regis. I am Platinum with both of these but overall prefer SPG over Marriott.

    Overall all was going quite well until I was offered 5K Hyatt GP points for the inconvenience being walked. You typically get that for non-working internet or for some other minor issue.

    Grand Hyatt had been dumping rooms heavily on Priceline/Hotwire for last night. Surprised that they don't have better procedures in place who they walk.

    Marriott and SPG are pretty clear when it comes to what one can expect on a situation like this. Hyatt is not.

    Was going to request enough points for two night stay at the same cat hotel as GH Atlanta.
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    sorry to hear about the walk. If you can get what you are asking more power to you, (please let the board know if you get it). If I've experienced very very poor accomodations, I generally have asked for enough points for a single night's stay and generally have been granted this.
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    Greetings Juha,
    Sounds like a long night!Wow
    The typical expectation in most programs for top tier status when walked is
    • A free night at the property where you were walked
    • Points for a free night equal to the category you were booked in
    • Transportation to the property you were rebooked in
    I think the Grand Hyatt folks certainly offered a highly acceptable alternative.

    It is my understanding from my many years traveling to Atlanta that both the Ritz Carlton and the Grand Hyatt share the same ownership which may be why they have a good relationship :D

    When a property does walk a guest remember you have a right to say if it is up to reasonable expectations
    from a quality standard similar to what you booked.
    It sounds like you did very well all things considered other than the hassle of changing hotels based on your arrival time.I agree that the clarity of all walk policies should be more transparent at various programs including Hyatt.
    So should the training of the agents on the phone who help their customers.In my 3 walks ever experienced 2@ Hyatt and one at Starwood not a single agent could recite the policy correctly.The hotels were just as unreliable in their overall responses and actions.In all instances there was a need for escalated assistance.

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