Hyatt Vacation Club Pinon Pointe (Sedona), AZ REVIEW

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    We booked a 2-night stay during the Spring 2010 BWB earn period. Both nights were charged to our credit card in advance as a “deposit.” This property has a 14-day cancellation period, so it is not a place to make tentative reservations. 2 nights' stay was a good choice, as it gave us time to explore the surrounding area. The property itself has a very nice location on the top of a knoll – the red cliffs seem very nearby and change throughout the day as the sun hits them differently.

    Rooms available when we booked were a studio, a 1-bedroom, or a 2-bedroom. We felt the studio at $169/ night was the only one we could reasonably afford. On arrival, FD staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and informed us that we would get a BWB stay credit and points for the base room rate ($169 for a studio), but no other bonus or amenity points except for Starbucks spends.

    We went to our room to check in, and liked the view from the balcony and the nice bathroom. The studios are quite small, though – smaller than most Hyatt hotel rooms would be, and the kitchenette has only a small bar sink, microwave and coffeemaker, but it's fully stocked with dishes, glassware, etc. The accommodations buildings are two-story, with upstairs units or downstairs units, and the unit we had was part of a 2-bedroom “lockoff,” which meant that there was a connecting door between our unit and the one-bedroom next door. If you owned it, presumably, you could use it all or turn part back to Hyatt to rent. Outside of our building was a nice BBQ area with grill and tables, etc. We did not use it, but appreciated knowing it was available and very nice. Great views, too, from this outdoor area. The whole property was very clean and tidy.

    We had been encouraged to come back up to the lobby to get some information about the area, so we did. Just next to the front desk is a concierge-type lady, but with a twist: yes, she will help you plan excursions, etc., but she is also there to try to see if you're willing to attend a timeshare presentation (oops – they're called Vacation Clubs these days.) We expected that, as we knew it was a timeshare property, and had discussed in advance what we were willing to do, so it did not take us by surprise. We were offered, in exchange for attending a 1.5-hour presentation, a choice of: an upgrade to a 1-bedroom unit, a $150 credit on excursions like helicopter rides or Pink Jeep Tours, or $150 off our hotel bill. We chose the credit on the bill, and made a reservation to attend the presentation on the morning of checkout. The credits are actual paper certs the timeshare people give you, so attendance at the presentation is mandatory to receive the credit. I would presume that the offerings would change from time to time, so this is just an example.

    There are a lot of rooms here, and it's a bit of a ramble to find one's way around, but it's a nice property. It does, though, feel like a condo development rather than a hotel. The central pool area is very nice, with an outdoor pool and whirlpools around a “clubhouse”-type building with fitness equipment, pool table, large TV, etc. It was very uncrowded when we were there, and peaceful under the warm May sky – not sure what effect families with small children would have. The staff here have a big binder with great descriptions of about 50 area hikes, and will print out any you request. It's a very nice service – the descriptions have maps, elevation gain, difficulty, distance, parking info, etc.

    One feature we enjoyed a lot is the group of shops across the driveway from the property – some galleries and the like, but also some very good restaurants, including a sushi place, the Starbucks previously mentioned, and the Wildflower Cafe. Wildflower Cafe is a casual place where we chose to take a lot of meals – fresh food, great prices, innovative preparation and a cheerful staff – plus beautiful red rock views.

    Lots of excursions are available from here, including horseback riding and the ones mentioned, but we chose to do our own driving, and visited some great sites, including Montezuma Wells, Montezuma Castle, and Walnut Canyon. It was a very nice respite and a lovely property. For a stay of any more than our two nights, though, or with any more than two people (who share a bed), the studio apartment would be too small.

    The timeshare presentation was actually interesting, as we had not previously understood how timeshare could be combined with a hotel operation, but we did not purchase one. All in all, a nice two-day stay.

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