Hyatt Unveils New 2020 Environmental Sustainability Strategy

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    Dear Milepoint Members,

    Hyatt announced a new set of aggressive environmental goals for the year 2020, all which are meant to further Hyatt's commitment to environmental stewardship.

    The new goals define a suite of measurable and actionable targets across three focus areas — use resources thoughtfully, build smart, and innovate and inspire — all with the goal of creating a more sustainable future. The goals will focus on energy, waste and water reduction, sustainable building, supply chain management, and stakeholder engagement.

    In conjunction with the debut of these new goals, Hyatt also launched its 2013-2014 Corporate Responsibility Report, which provides a snapshot of Hyatt's most recent corporate responsibility efforts and achievements.

    To view the Corporate Responsibility Report, please click Responsibility Report-2013-2014.pdf
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    great goals ! go for it ;)
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    The Corporate Responsibility Report is amazing. It makes me very satisfied that I am a loyal Hyatt Diamond member, because the company I'm giving my hotel spend to is using that money responsibly.

    Great job, Hyatt!
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