Hyatt Regency Pier 66 – Fort Lauderdale

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    I had one of my worst hotel stays ever here last year, though I'm actually giving them another shot later in the month. (AAA rate ~ $85/night is what's currently booked)

    Unclear diamond breakfast benefit, not removed from bill automatically. Dirty balcony (food on the ground) when I arrived. That was all 'meh'.

    A few actual incidents.

    Two of three treadmills were broken in the gym. msgleff was doing a run and another guest didn't want to wait for the machine so she brought security down to the gym which she told my wife was "there to remove her" (security didn't actually know why they were there, but they just stood by and didn't correct the woman). Hotel management promised a followup for the incident of their security guard being used to intimidate my wife (who was doing nothing wrong!) but no such followup came.

    Water came flowing through bathroom ceiling in my cousin's room. Housekeeping left the door open to my uncle's room, with laptop sitting on desk..

    This was not a smooth stay!

    I blogged it, which got picked up by USA Today. Contacted by the GM, who starts forwarding me emails from happy guests to show my experience was atypical (umm, email addresses not redacted, privacy policy anyone?). They promised points as compensation, which didn't post on their own, required real followup.

    Anyway, a new GM on property. And as awful as our stay was it was a confluence of lots of highly unlikely events it seemed. Plus need to be literally 1 mile from the property, and am not keen about other hotels in the area anyway, so going to give them another shot end of the month. Hope things will have gotten better!
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    Hate to say, but the Pier 66 has long been a less-than-exemplary member of the Hyatt chain. While it is in a great location, with a pretty setting and grounds, there have been problems here for a long time. Not sure just a GM change is going to correct that. I sure hope it does, as it's a favorite of my clients for the convenience to the port, and I look forward to your report on your return.

    I'd hoped the repairs necessitated by Hurricane Wilma several years ago would have corrected some of the physical deficiencies, and to a certain extent they did, but the attitudinal didn't. I've never really gotten the "Hyatt" feeling there, and usually stay elsewhere now.

    Now the Downtown Miami Hyatt on the other hand...

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