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    So I just wrapped up a 3 night stay at the HR Mexico City, and here are my thoughts-

    Location is superb. In the heart of the Polanco district, near lots of shops, restaurants, and one of the nicest parts of town. Getting to the hotel is a bit tricky. Apparently a lot of locals and taxi drivers don’t know that the Hyatt exists (formerly the Nikko). And the entrance to the hotel itself is up a smallish driveway that doesn’t have the greatest visibility. But those are just minor issues to me.

    The hotel itself is great. We used a Diamond Suite Upgrade and we were given a Regency Suite on the 41st floor with amazing city/park views. Room is well laid out, spacious, clean and nice furnishings. The King bed was super comfortable. Contemporary styling, which I can appreciate. The bathroom was very large but a bit dated (I can do without the small tiles in the shower and 80’s gold trim faucets). But very clean and functional. WiFi worked everywhere in the room and was relatively speedy. The light control system was impressive, as there is a device next to the bed that controls all the room lights individually and is labeled so its very easy to use. I wish more rooms had something like this, instead of having to hunt around the walls for proper light switches. Overall I give the room an A-

    Regency Club on the 40th floor was great. Very good selection of morning and evening items, and large enough so it was never over crowded. Morning items included a few hotel selections such as eggs and various meats. Evening items had cold cut meats, pastries, sushi. View in the RC room was the same as in our suite on the 41st, which is to say, superb. Staff in the RC was top notch, with just the right amount of attention paid to us, so that our drinks were never empty, but we also weren’t being constantly interrupted. I give the RC room an A.

    My wife used the gym facilities, and she was very impressed. Large pool (she didn’t use), and a good selection of equipment in the gym, which she said was either new or very well maintained.

    The lobby bar is ok. It’s a very large area but not the most impressive to me. A bit too dark and just feels like the hotel didn’t know what to do with the space so they decided to stick a bar there. The only on-site restaurant we tried was Teppian Grill, and like all Hyatt restaurants I’ve tried, was fantastic. Fresh and delicious sushi, excellent staff. I’d highly recommend. I’m sure the other options we didn’t get to are just as good.

    All in all, another very pleasant and satisfying stay at a Hyatt. And I’ll definitely be back. Oh, I did ask the staff about the Park Hyatt in Mexico City that was under construction a few years ago… no one seemed to know anything about it. But this Hyatt Regency is a perfectly good presence for Mexico City.
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