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    My family and I recently stayed at the Hyatt Jacksonville for a long weekend. Below was our experience;

    -Check-in was a bit of a hassle. It took us probably 45-1hr to get checked in due to problems/issues with our room rate and the use of our suite upgrade (I am not sure if the error was on the hotel or the diamond desk end). After finally getting checked in we couldn't get into our room (the keys - we tried 3different ones and made 2 trips to the front desk) wouldn't work. They had to send maitenance up to break into the room. Based upon the start of our weekend, I honestly would have initially written a pretty poor review of the place.
    - We had a parlor room connected to a king bedroom. The rooms are dated, but fine. Bathrooms are very small. The main negative to the room(s) to me was lack of windows. The parlor didn't have any windows and the bedroom had only one small window (with a bad view) the rooms felt closed in and dark. In addition, we didn't quite receive as far as the room goes what the front desk had previously promised us when I had called a couple of weeks ahead of time to find out what type of suite we had been booked in.

    - The lobby is very nice
    - They offer a nice option for diamond breakfast when RC is closed. We got a full buffet breakfast and they even kindly allowed us to use room service for one morning when we had to be out of the room early. That was great! The food selection was good, overall taste was alright.
    -When we checked out I had a very nice staff (Monica) help with fixing some of the problems (room rate, etc) that we had during check-in. She was great. Honestly, she was so nice and helpful that she helped make up for the check-in process being difficult. I left the hotel with a much more positive feeling overall. As a result, if in the area, I think it is a good hotel to stay at and would consider using it again for my family.

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