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    So I've had two recent stays at the Hyatt Regency Houston and have experienced a majority of the hotel. First off, no Regency club. Can it really be called a Regency without the club?

    The hotel location is fantastic if you're in Houston for work. It's located at 1200 Louisiana which is right in the middle of all the corporate offices in the area. You are only 3 blocks away from most of the oil & energy companies downtown which makes it very convenient to get to work and in case there is inclement weather, many of the businesses downtown are connected by tunnels which the Hyatt is as well.

    In my stays, I've stayed in an upgraded suite and a regular room. The suite was nice in that it had extra space and a mini fridge stocked with some water and soda. However, the decor was not very modern and the rooms were basically two former rooms connected by a door between the rooms and there were still 2 doors out to the hallway. The regular room on the other hand was much more modernized and while smaller, I enjoyed my regular room much more than the suite. FYI, suite = 3013/3014, regular = 1604.

    Restaurant-wise, there is an Einstein's Bagels downstairs which is nice and convenient but a little pricier than what you might be used to in the burbs with downtown/hotel prices. There is also a Shula's located in the lobby which is pretty decent for dinner and due to not having a Regency Club, the location of your Diamond breakfasts. I've dined several times for dinner and breakfast and found that the service is very good and friendly and the food pretty decent. FYI, if you do dine for dinner and are averse to food that is too salty, just ask them to go easy on the salt with the steaks/burgers. There is also a restaurant on the rooftop called Spindletop but I haven't had the urge to go there quite yet. Maybe in a future visit.

    The gym at this Hyatt is actually very good. They keep it light on the free weights and weight equipment and fill it with mostly cardio equipment (4-5 elipticals, 3-4 bikes, 6-7 treadmills). All of the equipment is newer stuff so it has the heart rate monitors as well as video with headphones available. This made me want to work out and stay longer with how nice it was. On a Wed night at around 8-9 PM, this place was pretty quiet. I'm sure a bunch of people were watching the Lakers game but heck, so was I on the elliptical!

    All in all a good hotel, good location, decent food options and a good gym.... I'll be back in future visits.
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