Hyatt Regency Changbaishan (in the North East of China)

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    This Hotel opened in the fall of 2013. It is in an International resort area owned by Wanda, a big Chinese company with mayor holdings in Hotel properties and much more.

    The Hotel is very convenient for skiing. After walking out of the Hotel, one can be on a ski lift or a Gondola in 2 minutes. Not that many Chinese ski (yet) so I never waited longer than 1 minute in line.
    This is a new property and staff had to be recruited from all over China. However the HR is very well managed and run.

    One has to fly into NBS. I am aware of flights from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian and Harbin. The airport is new and Wanda provides free Shuttle service after each arriving flight. There is a big 40+ seater bus that takes people to all the Hotels. Starting PH, HR, HIS, HIR, Sheraton, Westin, HIE and Ibis.

    Hyatt Regency coming from Ski area

    Hyatt Regency ABF venue, good selection, quickly re-stocked and good service.

    View from Balcony, there are about 16 slopes and 5 lifts were running when I was there.

    HR Suite

    HR Club at Happy hour, lots of space and a good selection of drinks and appetizers.

    HR Lobby area

    Hot tub, one of my favorites.

    There are several other Hotels in close distance. In my opinion the HR is the best for skiing. I highly recommend the Hotel and the team there does a good job providing hospitality.
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