Hyatt House (Summerfield Suites) Boston/Burlington, MA - REVIEW

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    I had a one night stay at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites in Burlington, MA a few weeks ago. I spent very little time in the room, so I don't have enough details to write a true trip report. But since there is no rviww thread yet on MP, I figured I'd start one to include the pics that I took.

    The property is/was in the process of transitioning to Hyatt House, but no signage or communication reflected this for my visit.

    I checked in around 4pm and was greeted as a Diamond. The clerk asked if I wanted the points or gift card (to the pantry). I selected the points and was off to my room.

    I had a one bedroom room with a King bed in the bedroom and a sleeper sofa in the living room (not sure what size this was). Each room had flat screen LCD TVs. I didn't pay much attention to the kitchen.

    20111221_1623_IMG_1294-1648909626-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1624_IMG_1297-1648909858-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1624_IMG_1298-1648909846-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1624_IMG_1300-1648910166-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1624_IMG_1301-1648910064-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1624_IMG_1302-1648910274-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1624_IMG_1295-1648909783-O (Custom).jpg

    The sink was outside of the bathroom, with the shower and toilet. The bathroom fan was missing its cover and was incredibly dusty. What looks like a bug zapper bulb is just a normal one.

    20111221_1624_IMG_1303-1648910237-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1624_IMG_1304-1648910370-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1632_IMG_1308-1648910611-O (Custom).jpg 20111221_1625_IMG_1306-1648910460-O (Custom).jpg

    I realized at 9pm that I didn't have a toothbrush or deodorant (that's what happens when your kid plays with your toiletry bag before you leave!), so I called down and asked the FD if housekeeping had any. I was told that they sold both items in the lobby pantry, and each was approx $2.50.

    I went down and asked if I could switch my Diamond amenity from points to $credit so I wouldn't have to pay for the items, and the FD clerk told me to just take what I needed and not to worry about it. She didn't even ask for my room number. I'm not sure if she was just being nice or if she did this as a DYKWYA Diamond gesture.

    The evening snack service had chips, salsa, cheese, tomato vegetable soup, cheesy tortellini, salad, cookies. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, something very scary looking that was supposed to be individual fried eggs over medium/hard but was clearly a microwaveable mass produced product, cereal, muffins. The food was not very good. IMO, it didn't even compare in quality to the food offered at the Sierra Suites (now a Hyatt Place) in Santa Clara, CA in November.

    20111222_0824_IMG_1351-1648913697-O (Custom).jpg 20111222_0823_IMG_1350-1648913671-O (Custom).jpg

    I credited the stay to AA and showed the miles in about 72 hours. However, the 500 Diamond amenity bonus points did not post. I contacted GP customer service via email and they got back to me within 24 hours, having credited my account 500 points.

    I remembered Jeff Zidell's post on MP offering an additional 50% if the property failed to post the amenity, so I PM'd GP customer service on MP and Nick responded (and helped me) within 10 min. Awesome.

    This property is not as convenient as some other Burlington hotels for my company, but I've been trying to be loyal to Hyatt while I'm on the OWMD Diamond challenge.

    One negative to the location is that there is a lot of traffic coming out of the shopping center parking lot when en route to Rt 128. Not the end of the world.
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