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  1. I have made holiday reservations using Costco-Hyatt Three for Two. Stay three nights, pay for two at checkout. I have reserved weekend of July 4th. Go to Costco site. Log In. Use Costco/Hyatt number and speak with Hyatt agent. (((( I tied initially to call Hyatt direct and no one(3) I spoke with knew of this///After calling the Hyatt/Costco number, the Hyatt rep said it was set up this way))).The best thing of this is all three nights count towards the current Hyatt promotion for 10K ending June 30th if you use before deadline. Offer is not good at resort properties and iffy when I tried to book at grand Hyatt for holidays, but very easy at full Hyatt 's.
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    Here's the link to all the participating Hyatt brands:

    That being said, I notice that when booking it online, you just have to enter the Code & Group #'s from the Hyatt site. However, the offer is only valid through September 6th. Also, it's only 50% off the 3rd night at Hyatt Place and Summerfield Suites.

    Special Offer Code COSTCO
    Corporate / Group # 66267

    For the test case that I had, it turned out that there is a rate lower than the Daily rate available but with the 10% off and then 3rd night free, it was definitely cheaper with the Costco offer. Even with my corporate rate which is a little more than 20% off the Hyatt Daily rate, it was still better to go with the Costco offer.
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    I just tested the Hyatt at SFO. Corp rate for 3 nights is almost the one night req d with they Costco rate. I'm sure there are some properties it will work out better to use the promo, but I for one will def looking at all discounts.
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    Sadly, this discount is not available outside North America (and the Carribbean). Also the one hotel I tried it on, Andaz WS, didn't have it available over Labor Day weekend when I will be there. So don't count on getting this deal!
  5. FOLLOW UP - Used the 3 for 2 at the Hyatt Regency , Atlanta for two rooms for July 4th weekend in my name. Everything worked out well as far as billing and points, but the actual property was not to expectations this trip. Rehab continues , review and pictures on TA.

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